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Founder of the ICONic Boyz, Geo Hubela, was on Season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew with his crew, ICONic Dance Crew. The ICONic Boyz are the second generation of The ICONic Family. The ICONic Boyz Consists Of 14 Members, And 2 Former Members (No one and Vincent Castronovo), Louis DiPippa, Thomas Miceli, Jason Smith, Nicholas Mara, Jared Madridejos, Jon D'onofrio, Tristan Rubiano, Nicholas Rubiano, Christopher Corradino, Madison Alamia, Michael Fusco, Joey Fernandes, Julian Deguzman, and Joshua Price. The Seven Bold-Lettered Boyz were picked to be on Season 6 Of America's Best Dance Crew, and were runner-ups, next to I.aM.mE. They Also Have The ICONic Kidz, ICONic Girlz, ICON Dollz, ICONettes, and the ICONic Seniors. They All Dance At ICON Dance Complex In Englishtown, New Jersey 07726, 732-446-3320. Even though the ICONic boyz lost ABDC there still doing what they love, and thats dancing. There currently on tour with NRG Dance Project 2012 and doing meet and greets with every 5 hour concert. They even performed on an episode of "Shake It Up" that aired February 19, 2012 on Disney Channel, as well as starring and performing on Extra's The Grove, and being on Good Day New York and other various news channels.

de 10 à 15 ans.

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